Plain Jane Is Here!!

Louise Roe - Plain Jane Premiere Dates for Each Country

Hi guys!! I am so excited #PlainJane has already started in some countries! I have a lot of people asking me when the show will be premiering where they live, so I made this little chart for reference! If you haven’t seen the sneak peek yet, watch it here and I hope everyone can catch the premiere of Plain Jane season 3!!

xx, Louise



  1. reham 

    how i can join

    June 2 at 10:44am  / Reply
  2. reham 

    i am from Egypt

    June 2 at 10:45am  / Reply
  3. Dee Dee 

    It is sad that it is not going to be shown in the USA :( I truly loved the show when it was on the CW!

    June 2 at 10:45am  / Reply
    • Polly 

      I agree with Dee Dee! Why isn’t it shown in the US anymore? :(

      June 2 at 11:47am
  4. Marine 

    You guys failed writing Norway! Its a “W” not a “M”…

    June 2 at 11:55am  / Reply
  5. Orianne 

    …and Switzerland – Tuesday 19:00 on MTV.

    June 2 at 9:38pm  / Reply
  6. Francesca 

    Thank you so much from Italy :))

    June 3 at 9:16am  / Reply
  7. Shazajocarlos 

    Jane love yu so much i love the program :)

    June 3 at 11:59pm  / Reply
  8. laura 

    Jane i loveyou so
    I’m from the netherlands i’m 14 years and i was very Uncertain and since I’m really change my style of this watch
    But I’ve never been with someone for 15 years and I remain uncertain due to me no later my body especially why I do not dare to talk to boys , And I find that quite annoying to myself .. I try to change it but it does not always, and by my uncertainty, I am afraid that if a boy crush me how it is nothing to call me Want to do because of my body,
    But thankyou for the amazing tips on mtv !
    And my englisch it not so good haha..

    Well goodbye x

    August 17 at 5:50am  / Reply


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