Louise Roe - Outfit Giveaway

Hey guys!! It’s that time again: I’m giving away one of my favorite outfits!! This one is a fun, printed-romper by T-Bags, killer red stilettos by Office, and a sleek little clutch.  Perfect for warm summer nights!!

To win, simply…

  • ‘Like’ my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you haven’t already
  • Go accessory hunting in your closet or online… get creative!
  • Post a picture on Instagram or Twitter of the accessories you would use to update this outfit using #LouiseRoeRomperWIN and @louiseroe
  • Link to your Instagram/Twitter post in the comment section below this post so I can find it

I will pick my favorite photo and feature it on the site at the end of next week. So get to hunting and have fun! Can’t wait to see what you guys pick!

xx, Louise



  1. Annie 

    My instagram is @anniestew1.. Hope you like my accessories. x

    May 14 at 6:29am  / Reply
  2. Emma 

    Here it is ! Hope you’ll like it

    May 14 at 6:33am  / Reply
  3. Zaida 

    @louiseroe Hope you like them! :) #LouiseRoeRomperWIN pic.twitter.com/ghjbqwAa91— Zaida Sánchez (@SallysLullaby) Mayo 14, 2014

    May 14 at 7:21am  / Reply
  4. Tatiana Mendez 
    May 14 at 7:37am  / Reply
  5. Andrea Alcivar 

    HI LOUISE!!! Hope you be so good :D this is my choices and I really hope that you like it!! https://twitter.com/Lassrauhl_A_/status/467110398161092610

    May 15 at 6:19pm  / Reply
  6. Deborascurati 
    May 16 at 12:27am  / Reply
  7. Olyna 

    Hi Louise!! I don’t have instagram or twitter anymore but i do have a facebook. So i am sending you my choices from my fb page!
    Have a beautiful day! Kisses from Greece :D

    May 16 at 1:31am  / Reply
  8. cinnamonclaudia 
    May 16 at 6:29am  / Reply
  9. Kristina Pejic 

    Hi Louise,
    here is my picture on twitter: https://twitter.com/Kristinadofly/status/467314132719792128/photo/1
    I hope you’ll like it! :D

    May 16 at 7:49am  / Reply
  10. Zaida 
    May 16 at 8:12am  / Reply
  11. Chloé 

    Hi Louise :) I hope you’ll like it!!!!

    May 18 at 2:28am  / Reply
  12. louise34 

    I love the way Louise dresses.

    May 20 at 1:19am  / Reply
  13. Lilia Gotye 
    May 21 at 9:02am  / Reply
  14. Lisa 

    Hi Louise!
    Here is my entry:
    I chose to keep it simple because the romper is very bright so I just tried to match the accessories with the colors and the pattern of the outfit.
    I hope you like it :)

    May 21 at 9:23am  / Reply
  15. Ariadna 
    May 21 at 2:01pm  / Reply
  16. Naira 

    Hi Louise :)) Hope you’ll like it :)

    May 22 at 2:02am  / Reply
  17. Leslie 

    I think rose gold is the way to go with this amazing outfit:

    May 22 at 2:47pm  / Reply


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