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LA is filled with brilliant beauty finds and places to keep feeling and looking your best. Enjoy my little black book of health and beauty secrets, shhh don’t tell!

Louise Roe - Supplements

Part VII: Supplements
FeelUnique is a website I discovered last year, and it’s a true gem. Full of beauty products, makeup and most importantly for me, hard-to-find supplements, I get my vitamins and minerals delivered in a box from these guys. 98% of their customers rate their service as excellent (me being one of them!). So for Oscars week, I ordered myself Imedeen for nails and hair health, Wise Owl Magnesium, to help reduce stress and aid restful sleep, Fushi Acai powder, a superfood to add to a smoothie for a quick detox, and Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil blend. That last one should be on everyone’s shopping list: a mix of 3, 6 and 9 Omega oils – switch it out for olive oil on your salads – it’s fantastic for your immune and digestive system.



  1. rociovc 

    Here in Mexico i guess they don’t exist… but when i’ll go to L.A., i’ll definitely buy them!

    April 25 at 8:03pm  / Reply


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