My Little Black Beauty Book

LA is filled with brilliant beauty finds and places to keep feeling and looking your best. Enjoy my little black book of health and beauty secrets, shhh don’t tell!

Part V: Skin
I’m obsessed with Clarins Beauty Balm, it gives a gentle glow to the face. I wear it underneath my makeup for filming, or on my days off, instead of foundation.

Louise Roe - Beauty Balm

The other product I can’t live without is Sisley’s Eye Cream. Light enough to wear in the day or night, I smooth it on before makeup or night cream and it helps smooth out laughter lines.
Louise Roe - Skin

When I do my own make-up, I find Maybelline really subtle and easy to use. Their Mineral Powder translucent loose powder is a nice way to get that flawless, clear complexion, without feeling like you’re trowelling on heavy makeup.



  1. Orianne 

    Clarins is your secret Louise? Thank you :-)

    April 8 at 6:27am  / Reply


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