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Louise Roe - DIY Homemade Refreshing Orange Scrub

Homemade Orange Jasmine Scrub – I love using this simple recipe to create my own beautifully fragrant orange jasmine scrub from the comfort of my own home! I particularly love making this because it smells delicious and the salts help rid my body of excess water too, so it’s perfect to bathe in before I go out – it beats the bloat! This DIY home spa treatment is perfect for removing dead skin cells that accumulate especially during the sunny summer months. Combine 1 cup of coarse sea salt (make sure you use coarse sea salt, not regular table salt, as that will dissolve into the mixture and it won’t exfoliate your skin), a few drops of orange and jasmine essential oils and 8 ounces of olive oil or jojoba oil for a refreshing exfoliator before or during a bath!

xx, Louise



  1. Jayne Lambert 

    Louise, I love your Plain Jane programme. This is for you not the girls you help. I’d love to introduce you to a wonderful designer, Fazane Malik. She’s based in Derbyshire, you need to see her designs!

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